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Making rings fit

Hi all from Aussie,

My wife’s finger size constantly changes at leaste week to week.
While the rings are sized to a standard size, some form of adjustment
is needed - she loves wearing her jewellery.

I have seen a plastic unit to clip in rings for this purpose but no
one seems to know anything about them or a source for them.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


    My wife's finger size constantly changes at leaste week to

Hi, Brian. You’ve just inspired me. Why not custom design a ring
with a removable ‘insert’–one that actually changes both the size and
the look of the ring. One could even have several inserts–diff.
looks/sizes. There are myriad ways such a concept could be realized;
a really fun commision for some lucky jeweller. --Andy

I have seen folks use fish tubing cut to a lenght of 1/2 -3/4 in and
slit up the side and slide on the shank.

Rick in KC