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Making removable gold caps

I have a small one man jewery store. I have been doing repairs and
settings for years. I am interested in making gold caps (removable
caps). Currently I have been taking molds of customers teeth and
sending them out to be made. This is proving to be a nightmare
because the company that I am using is unreliable. I just purchased a
complete casting system from Rio Grande. I would like to learn how to
make the caps myself. I am sure the trick is in making the wax
models. What type of wax? What additional equiptment do I need? Any
would be helpful. I found a sight on the internet that
offered a weekend course and a DVD all for $1,500, but they turned
out to be scam. After I agreed to take the course with them and I
made my plane reservation to fly down to Georgia, they called me a
week later and told me the class would cost $8,000! Thanks

Are you nuts do you really want to be making gold grills for peoples
decaying choppers, I have had the misfortune of making several of
these things. Lemme tell you a story about it, This young man comes
in the store with his (posse or better yet pudding head paint
huffing moron buddies) friends and they all want grills that is the
ghetto slang term for caps, the owner of this fine establishment
were I am slaving at thinks that this would be a great thing to do
since we are kinda slow and have been melting inventory to pay
bills. Since I am his employee he has me take molds of these guys
rotting yellow nicotened stained teeth. These things looked like
yellow chicklets they were so loose that I darn near pulled them out
with the mold. Before reading further let me tell it gets worse. I
forgot to mention that I had three drooling idiots in the shop for
about an hour while we did this at least they had thier mouths full
and couldnt swear and spit. Ok back to the meat of the tale and let
me tell you rotting teeth stink and when you remove the mold their
is stuff stuck on it like chewing tobaco and and gum tissue oh yea
real nasty. Now I am thinking that I am going to need some hepittis
shots and probably a rabies chaser just to be safe. Fastforward one
week later I have these grills all polished up and the paint huffing
idiots are back trying them on, dont think for a minute that they
just drop on oh no you have to fit them by hand thats right mouth
slime all over you and the counter lots of drool and blood because
these guys dont floss I am going to stop here because if anyone
stilll thinks these are a good idea they can go it alone I will not
be an enabler.

Sincerely Kevin ( not a dentist)

Britanny, you may find that what you are doing is illegal. Most
states have laws regarding anyone other than a qualified dentist
taking impressions of anothers’ teeth, for whatever purpose. To be
safe, I would look into this further before continuing to do so.


Making removable Gold caps is just tedious dirty work. I was given a
dental plaster master by the manager of a small jewelry store.

I was asked to make dental caps to try out… Here are my experiences
and impressions.

Poor hygiene control in making the alginate impression ( I believe
a new type of dental RTV is being used now ). Then a dental plaster
cast was made of the impression.

This is the point where I came in. - I had to clean up the plaster
cast - not difficult . I expect it could be done with practice in 5

  • 7 min. The wax used was selected from sheet wax. I believe I used
    16 to 20 gauge wax. The wax was brittle when cold but warmed up
    nicely when heated in a cup of water set in an electrical coffee
    warmer . I guess that if needed, you could use a light dimmer to
    control the temp, What I had worked all right.

Fold the wax over the plaster impression. I cut the wax to follow
the tooth - gum junction front and back . To harden the wax cool it
in cold water , it cuts better.

I carved designs in several and also added thin sheet wax to build
up for stone setting. Polish the wax by burnishing . Check the wax
weight to give the expected gold cap weight and adjust accordingly.
Precut the starting stone seats .

I returned the waxes and talked with the store owners . Here is
where some problems were foreseen . I was expected to use their
scrap melt gold. I could work on their premises, but no provision
was made for ventilation or wash up was available. My studio was not
completed then.

I am including a website which shows a Varity of " Bling - Bling "
dental jewelry.

I wrote in earlier an Orchid letter , " Bling Bling makers on the
list ? "

  " There are modest labor profits, but as many people consider
  this beneath them, I would expect plenty of work. This is
  interesting, but not over challenging work. This is legal and
  hurts no one directly, as it is considered cosmetic only. I
  would take care not to look down on my clientele as this is a
  raffish bunch. " 

I will change one statement made " hurts no one directly, as it is
considered cosmetic only" to " use of these dental caps will hasten
dental decay and oral hygiene problems " The last was due to a
conversation I had with my dentist whose opinion I respect in such
matters. I would not use Nickel White Gold either. It is however
still legal.

I hope this helps.

Eeeeew - thanks there for all the lovely details, Kevin! Glad I
wasn’t snacking while reading the digest today!

This is just what crossed my mind when I read the original post -
gold caps should be a dentist’s job, not a jeweler’s. I’d be
willing to bet that improperly fitted ones could probably lead to
tooth or gum problems, as well (if the customer didn’t already have
them, like Kevin’s did) and you don’t want to be held liable for
such things.

I decided not to go into the custom-order chainmail business for a
similar reason - waaaaay too many requests for various kinky
stainless steel undies, and I in no way wished to concern myself
with the sort of measurements needed for that! 8^P

Jessee Smith