Making really thin titanium wire

Hi All,

I have been unsuccessful at finding really thin titanium wire for
Laser welding. Rio sells a .01"(.25mm) wire, but for my detailed
welds, I need something about 1/4 of that. Flattening it with a
hammer helps a bit, but ideally it would stay round. Ideas anyone?


Hi Jeff,

If I’m reading you right, you’re looking for wire that’s 0.0025"
thick? As in 2.5 thousandths of an inch? As in: half as thick as a
human hair.

I don’t think you’ve got much chance of getting there, but at that
scale, I’d just try pulling it down with a carbide drawplate. I’m
not sure how far you’d get, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The lubricant would be critical. I might try either lard, or anchor
lube, rather than just winging it with beeswax the way jewelers tend

I might also rig up some sort of bucket or sponge of lube on the
infeed side of the drawplate, so the infed wire was coated with
lube right before it entered the die. Messy, but I suspect it’ll be


If I'm reading you right, you're looking for wire that's 0.0025"
thick? As in 2.5 thousandths of an inch? As in: half as thick as a
human hair. 

When I worked at Sylvania, years ago, they were drawing
tungsten/molybdenum wire down to around .001".

Al Balmer

Google is your friend.


There is a company in Goleta, Ca called California Fine Wire Co.
that specializes in thin wire manufacturing. Expect to purchase
their minimums and labor costs. Worth a RFQ.

Ken Babayan


ESPI Metals in Oregon carry fine titanium wire including .001" .002"
and .003" in five different grades.

Their website (obvious) details the grades and how to buy the
quantity you need.

Mark Bingham
Fourth Axis

Thank you Mark Bingham! I just received.001" through.01" diameter
titanium wire from ESPI Metals. Some might be interested to know,
they also stock REALLY thin foil (and other forms) in many different
metals. Their online catalog is a very cool, clickable Periodic Chart
of the Elements. No minimums!

Jeff McWhinney