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Making of silver solder


Hi all

I would like to know if anyone has a formula for making Silver
solders. Hard, medium and easy. I will appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you.
Neil van der Linden



Hard Ag solder: 15 gm .999 silver and 6 gm brass

Medium: 15 gm .999 Ag and 7.5 gm brass

Easy: 5.6gm .99 silver and 2.2 gm copper and 2.2 gm zinc

(use zinc oxide if you want paste and grind the metals to powder or
make filings. the zinc oxide paste can be measured in grams too- just
use a kitchen or digital scale and add an extre 1 gm to account for
the vehicle) Hope this is what you were after…


Hard Ag solder: 15 gm.999 silver and 6 gm brass Medium: 15 gm.999
Ag and 7.5 gm brass 


I too learned such ‘formulas’ long ago. Sort of useful at midnight
when you just ran out of solder :slight_smile: But considering that there are
100’s of metals claiming to be brass you have NO control over your
solder alloy.

Your formulas also give really low grade solders, there are real
hallmarking concerns.

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