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Making neat and efficient locket closures



I love lockets but find making a neat efficient closure tricky.
Could anyone give me some (either a description or
reference to a resource) that could help me? I am particularly
interested in those cute little sort of “press button” ones that seem
to release a prong inside that allows the locket to open, and which
are usually also supporting a jump ring onto which a bail attaches.

Anna M Williams

but find making a neat efficient closure tricky. 

Anna, locket closures ARE tricky, by hand. Easiest is to drill a hole
for the button, put a leaf spring of any metal you choose on the
button, and then rivet the spring to the base, next to the button.
Then, when you push the button it will spring back, and on that
button, on the inside, is a bit of a claw or dimple that pops into a
matching depression in the lid. Still small work and close
tolerances, but it’s a pretty typical catch, still.