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Making my own tubes


I was hoping some of you kind people would help me out with some
info on how to make my own tubes, after watching skilmans videos i
have been inspired to give it a try. i want to be able to make the
tubes for some jewelry and some for setting small stones in say from
1mm up to 5mm, right what i need to find out is there a certain
tools and a drawplate i need to use to make the tube or do i just
look for any drawplate with say 2mm - 6mm ( if iwant to set stones
1mm - 5mm in the tubes ) and a swage plate or block to get the sheet

please let me know if i got the right sort of idea on what i have to
do also i would be greatful for any advice you could give me

many thanks

Yes, you’ve got the right idea.

I’ve found that the tube closes better if you calculate the width of
the strip a little larger than the theoretically correct one; if it
turns out little too big it is easy to reduce the size by pulling it
through a smaller hole in the drawplate (the other way round is very
difficult). You will certainly need a swage plate but can use twist
drills to get the initial “U” shape. Be sure to anneal the strip

Regards, Gary Wooding

Hi Jason;

You can see some amazing demonstrations on the Benchtube, here at
ganoksin… Skilman is showing few videos with crystal clear demos
on how to draw tubes… search the benchtube for “hollow” or "tube"
and you will find it…

here is one that i found

thank you orchid and skilman for such a great place to be!

Best Mark from Prague

I tried to find a draw plate but they are always out of stock or
over a $100. so I made one from the steel I use to make my chasing
tools. It was a pain but I angled the bit on one side to widen the
opening and help draw it down. I used the largest drill bit I had and
then just went down in size. Then I ran it in a tumbler for 12 hour
and tempered it like I do my tools. I have made two tubes with it so
far, the Making Tubing Jewelry Tutorials by Hans Meevis was very
helpful here is the link

If you need a few piece of metal to make your own just send me your
address I would be happy to send you some.

Best wishes

Hi Jason, Check out my website at

It will give you the basics.

Cheers, Hans

Hi Jason

I recommend you to get a copy of “the professional goldsmith” by
Alan Revere, there are a very precise, clear and nice explanations
about tubing making and lots of other techniques, basic and advanced,
plus lots of extras like formulas and a chapter about how precious
metals behaves, its really good what you get in the book.