Making Mistakes

There are many of us that are not fortunate to have a mentor and
so we have the “joy” of learning by trial and
error. I know I would be ecstatic if you would all share with us
the errors that you have made and how you fixed them. For example,
how does one avoid the mustache syndrome when filing ? (mmmm,to
thick on this side, let me take a little off … ohoh , i took
off to much , now i have to remove some from the other side …
oh oh … etc.) I promise, we wont tell anyone that we are
infallible !

Good subject! This also happens when shortening the legs of a
table! In jewellery-making, and in all craft, it’s what I’ve heard
called the private performance of object-making. These ‘mistakes’
are one way of regarding the little decision times we all come up
against, and how we solve them is our craft. They will happen, to a
degree, and it’s how we each deal with them that matters. Of course
it is vital we are observant, and don’t let them go too far in an
undesirable ‘negative output’ direction.

So, not mistakes but ‘points of creation’!

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 So, not mistakes but 'points of creation'!

I’m so glad to hear this. I thought I was un-creative and simply
mistaked my way into new ideas. I feel much better now. --kathi
parker, MoonScape Designs