Making Micro Mosaics

Hi Terri,

Thanks for your comments. Since I posted I have done a trawl of the
web and, indeed, there only seems to be on glass micro
mosaics, however, a few years ago I had a beautiful antique pocket
watch in for restoration which had a micro mosaic panel on its back
cover done in semi-precious stones. Maybe it was just a one-off…
I have a feeling there is also a stone micro mosaic on a jewellery
piece in one of the local museums but it is possible it is just
weathered enamel.

Can you really direct me to filaments in the 1mm or less diameter
size?  To square a rod requires extra work, and I would think that
would make them cost-prohibitive

I wasn’t thinking of rods of micro mosaic proportions off-the-shelf
, rather I was thinking of the 3 - 5 mm stock that ‘art glassblowers’
use which could be easily drawn down to the correct size using a
bench blowlamp.

Good luck with your project - I look forward to seeing pictures

Best Wishes,

Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK

Hi Ian,

You were absolutely correct that the earliest mosaics that
archeologists have found were stone. The sites that I have found on
the internet don’t often mention the size of the piece, and often
don’t tell whether a piece is stone or glass, if it was made since
about 1800.

That watchback must have been wonderful.

I’ll look for square rod to draw down, and compare cost to energy
expenditure. : )

It takes me forever to get anything extraneous done (I’m a freelance
commercial sculptor/painter and my time is mostly spent working),
but I will post pictures as soon as I complete one! I am actually
working on my first one…

Thanks for your posts!