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Making matt wax pellets

I love to experiment with my Matt Wax Gun, but have gone through a
couple of boxes of pellets in doing so. I’ve saved all the clean wax
and would like to be able to remelt it into rods that will fit the
gun, but have so far been unsuccessful. Has anyone had any luck doing
this, or have any suggestions as to how it can be done? At $25 a box
it would be nice to reuse what I have–since I have WAY more time
than money these days!


An experiment to make wires other than an extruder or syringe with
the appropriate gauge needle or none depending on the size syringes
you can find, could be extruding the melted waxes through a tjanting
into a bucket of water (a tjanting is a traditional tool used for
batik process and come in different sizes, styles and levels of
automation).Perhaps attach a small flat pebble onto the beginning of
the melt, and let it set as a weight to give the “wire” enough
tension to stay straight as the wax falls from tjanting into the
water. kind of like water casting silver pellets- but in a wire!..(oh
should you try to cast silver pellets in water use a metal bucket as
the molten metal can melt right through a plastic bucket)…You could
apply the same principle to the wax pellet experiment too, cut holes
of whatever size you need in a coffee can bottom , melt the wax(es)
and let them fall into a bucket of water, held maybe three inches
from the surface-(that’s where the experimentation comes in : how far
from the surface to get evenly formed pellets with a wax of x
weight)…I would think the heavier the wax, the farther from the
surface you could hold the can. Since you need to stop the flow to
make pellets the lid from the coffee can could be used to catch the
excess between “releases” and when ready it too could be peeled off
(or popped off) and remelted so you minimise the waste as much as
possible. If you are having problems with your waxes in the first
place try writing the manufacturer and requesting some samples so you
can find the ones that work best for you and your equipment or
purposes. rer

I suggest taking some unused rods and making a two part cold putty
mold in silicone that can take low heat then you can melt the wax
and pour into the mold whalaa you have new rods for the gun :smiley: