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Making keychain concho

I was referred here by a supplier. I want to learn to make a type of
concho that is used as a keychain that hooks to the pocket. The
concho shows on the outside of the pocket while the keys are
suspended inside the pocket.

I know some are made of brass, stainless, and even some type of epoxy
is used sometimes. Other than this I know nothing. If anyone has an
interest in helping me learn how to create these please respond and I
can provide pictures of what it is I want to do.

Sounds simple enough to me. Take a concha (concha is correct rather
than the erroneous word “concho” which has come into wide usage).
Anyway, take a concha and solder a clip onto the back with an
extended stem having a loop in the end. Now, to make the concha
itself, well, that’s another matter.

A detailed explanation of that procedure can be found in the book
Indian Silversmithing” by W. Ben Hunt which I believe is still
avaiable from Amazon.

Jerry in Kodiak