Making glass beads--- resources

how do you anchor your little torch while you handle the glass rod
and mandrel? 

The Smith company, the little torch makers has a couple of torch
holders available in most of the usa supplier catalogues. I prefer
the weighted m agnetic one that has 7 depressions in the base to keep
your torch tips in . However I found the magnet far to weak even to
use as a stand for my m etal fabrication work so I put a couple of
fairly strong (2-3 pound) smal l rare earth magnets on the back and
it works great and is far more secur e thus safer. But the way
magnets are another one of those non-jewelry t ools that I use a lot.
Pairs make a nice clamp for holding odd shapes als o Radio Shack
sells some small 3mm magnets that are pretty weak thus grea t for
holding a few saw blades that won’t bend when you pull one off. I
have a magnetic knife holder at my bench that I just pop on files or
plie rs that I’m currently using it helps a bit with my chronic
clutter situat ion. Hope this helps.

Mark Kaplan, Providence, Rhode Island