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Making gas furnace for melting

Was: Non-functioning electric melting furnace donation

Hi Jamie,

I'm intrigued by the idea of a gas furnace for melting. Can you
point me in the direction of plans to make one? 

There are a couple of ways you can achieve this.

The first step is to buy, or borrow, this book :-

“Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces and Kilns” By Porter

Mike Porter is a very nice guy and I’ve known him for many years
through backyard casting groups.

Even if you don’t choose to make the heating devices in his book you
will have enough knowledge to formulate your own working ideas.

Alternately, if you only need to melt a little metal.

I conducted an experiment many years ago, I was just testing
refractory materials. The experiment was successful, and the micro
furnace that was created is still in my tool box today. Other people
find it useful too. Sure it’s small, but that’s the point. The
crucible is a 250g crucible.

The following image shows the micro furnace :-

It’s basically a K26 with Kaowool packing.

I didn’t build the burner for this one, just simply bought a
Bernzomatic JTH-7 hose torch.

Looks like rubbish, does the job, has been doing it for a very long
time, and is extremely cheap to run.

Regards Charles A.

P. S. I left it looking like rubbish so that people will understand
that you don’t need expensive equipment to start melting metal :wink:


I would very much lie to see the image which did not appear in your


I’m interested in what your micro furnace looks like. I didn’t see
any image links.

Sounds neat.

Rick Powell


I would very much lie to see the image which did not appear in
your post. 

I did apply the link, to the previous post. I’ll send you the link

Regards Charles A.

Can you send a link to me too?

Rob Meixner

I have a home made foundry in my back yard.

It’s made from a galvanized drain pipe, a bunch of refractory
cement, and a blower from a much bigger foundry. An electric hair
dryer might have sufficed, but I had this thing lying around and
figured I’d use it.

Here’s a short video of it:

Paf Dvorak

Love to see that link also!

Kind regards

I’ve build a few propane furnaces in the last three years and I can
recommend the following websites for the design & :

And also:

Not related entirely to furnaces but most members are melting
precious metals at some point.

Jean-Nicolas Allaire

Making a gas furnace for melting image link

the link I included, I’ll leave them off this time.

Here’s the link again :-

Regards Charles A.