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Making earring posts

would like to know if anyone out there makes their own 14k
earring posts, and if so, what is the best way? Also, is it
cheaper than buying a quantity of them?

Hi Betsy,

Sometimes when I get in a pinch (forget to order posts) , I will
make some. The first thing I do is make sure the wire is very
straight. You can straighten annealed wire by putting one end in
a vise and grabbing the other end in a pair of draw tongs, then
pull the wire toward you with a popping motion.

This will straighten, harden, and slightly stretch the wire, so
make sure you start with wire that is 1/10mm larger in diameter
than your finished wire. Then, I cut each post to the length I
want, file one end flat, and chuck it up in my flexshaft. With
the post turning, I round off the other end on a sanding stick.

While the post is still in the flexshaft, I spin it on a 3/0 saw
blade (mounted in the saw frame), to get the groove for the
clutch back. Then a quick polish with rouge, and your all set. I
would much rather purchase them, but this works in a pinch. Ken