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Making dies for die struck bezels

I have a number of projects where I would like to use brass bezel
cups and I have been unable to find a commercial source. I have been
making the bezels by hand so far, but that time adds up quickly. I
have a 3-axis CNC mill, so I could easily cut myself a die so I could
strike them myself.

Does anyone have any to point me in the right direction?


Cool Tools has brass bezel cups. Just received my order for some.

hI Jason,

Wether your cnc mill is useful to your project depends on the shape
of the bezel.

What would me more useful is a lathe and what we call here in the UK
a fly press.

So if I was making round bezels, which I did some 40 yrs ago, I made
a punch that went in my fly press, and a die that was twice the metal
thickness plus a few tho bigger die.

Put your brass blank on the die and press it through the die to make
the cup.

Then scribe around with deviders and clip with shears to the line.

One cup.!! Made lots of funny shapes as well. Tho mine were in fine
silver and 999 gold. Hope this is of help.


Hi Jason,

I made a tool to stamp these out in silver, it was a laminated block
that you fed a strip of metal into the side, this was then cut
through and pressed over an inset bulge to form the cup in one
strike. The cutting tool was a tube with a recessed end, held in
visegrips, You then ejected the cup with a rod pushed through the
tube. Quite fast to make, no special equipment to make it, I hardened
the plate that cut the disc, and also the tube, but not too hard. I
could look it out and let you know sizes if you like.

I think I made two in the end, a 4mm and a 6mm. The size of the disc
has to be correct to make a sufficient wall height.

It had three layers, the top one was a guide with a slot to feed in
the metal, 6mm, the next one hardened tool steel, 6mm, the next a bit
thicker, 8mm, to carry the shape to form the cup, so the cup is made
with the hollow facing down. It was all held together with a couple
if 6mm bolts threaded into the bottom plate.

best wishes,
Tim Blades

What would me more useful is a lathe and what we call here in the
UK a fly press. 

I will be looking at standard ovals for calibrated cabochons. It
looks like Cool Tools has most of the sizes I want. I may still need
to make a size or two.

Cool Tools has several of the sizes I want. That will save me some