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Making custom etching on rocks

Hi, Does anyone on Orchid do etching on smallish river rocks or glass
pebbles? Or do you have a friend who does? A group I am with is
interested in 300-400 such rocks with a custom pattern etched on them
for tokens at a womenspirit conference…

Quite frankly I am unsure of the cost and don’t know if they will
fall within our budget for this but I thought I would try. I was
thinking of those rocks that people buy for gardens with words
engraved in them but on a smaller (palm sized or smaller)scale. The
group asked if I could do it as I was wearing a piece of jewelry I
had sandblasted a pattern in years ago but the scope of this is
beyond my skills, equipment & patience level.

Please e-mail me off list if you are interested in giving us a quote.