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Making Crimp tubes

Can you make a crimp tube from regular brass tubing? Are commercial crimp tubes any different from normal tubing?

I don’t use crimp tubing very often. Last time I needed one, I cut off a piece of sterling silver tube that was the right size, cleaned up the ends so that they wouldn’t damage whatever I crimping it to and it worked just fine. I don’t know why brass wouldn’t work the same way. You do have to take time cleaning up the ends so it might not be worth the trouble vs buying them already made…Rob

Sounds worth a shot if you have the right size/wall thickness tubing on hand. I’ve only ever used the commercially made ones that are the size of a seed bead (so like 2mm absolute maximum), but far as I can tell there’s no magic to them.


My problem was not finding commercial ones with a large enough hole. Thx.