Making Copper Grapes

I too have tried to make copper grapes without success. I have
instead used glass beads with AB finish over black and produced
acceptable looking tiny clusters. However, and this is the reason
for my post, I could not figure out how to make good clusters. If I
brazed wire first to make the cluster, I could not get the grapes
attached without ruining the look. Using glass beads, I slipped them
onto a brass head pin with a dab of super glue to keep the bead
seated on the flat head. Then I twisted multiple wires to make the
cluster and brazed the twisted wires to a base strand of copper wire
about 1.5 to 2 inches from the beads. But, more than 4 beads looked
strange. I could not braze short stems for the clusters without
breaking the glass beads or having the glue disintegrate. Any
suggestions would be much appreciated!

I have thought about painting real or fake grapes with PMC slip,
firing (the grape will disappear leaving a shell) and then using some
kind of patina to make it look real. But how to attach into a