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Making casting shot

I have some coins & bars of 24k gold. What is the easiest way to make
24k shot or pellets out of these solid ingots? I need fairly small
shot to mix with my alloys for a variety of colors & karat gold.

Gary L. Mills
Pineforest Jewelry Inc./PFJ Inc.

Hello Gary. When I mix an alloy, I melt everything together in a
crucible, stir and then pour slowly into a container of cold water
from about three feet above.

Don’t miss! Tom Arnold

Hi Gary,

To make very nicely sized shot I melt the metal in a crucible that
lets me pick it up with tongs (i.e., not a centrifugal type… a
pouring dish or pouring crucible work nicely). Keeping the heat on
the metal as I do this, I pour the molten metal into a deep bucket
filled with very cold water. The speed and height of the pour lets
you adjust the size of the resulting shot. Generally, the higher
you’re pouring from the smaller the shot will be.

Once the pour is complete, all the shot will be at the bottom of the
bucket. Drain off the water, then pour the shot and remaining water
through a coffee strainer sitting in a colander and you’ll have all
your metal in nice shot form.

Hope this helps!

Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry