Making box catches

Anyone have a fairly easy method of making box catches? Thanks

Razine: Alan Revere’s book, “Professional Goldsmithing,” illustrates
an excellent method for making a box clasp. This book is the next
best thing to hands-on experience that I have seen. Well worth the
money. This is the text book that I use with my apprentice, and the
book that started my son in his jewelry-making career. I know that
he still uses it as a reference.

Doug Zaruba

I would second Doug Zaruba’s comment about Alan Revere’s book
"Professional Goldsmithing’ and the example of the box clasp. It is
simply a matter of repetition and practice to increase one’s
proficiency and improve the quality of the mechanics.

I have never found clasps to be the easiest components to make
although almost every item I create includes one. My advice at the
beginning would be don’t allow yourself to be frustrated by your
first attempts. Following the thoughtful instruction of the book’s
presentation in a careful manner and with close attention to detail
will insure that your finished clasp makes the obligatory audible
snap when it closes, and you will feel a real sense of accomplishment
as your reward.

Happy hammering (as Alan would say),