Making Bishop's Ring


I need to make a Bishop’s Ring and I am looking for directions. Can
anyone help me out with this?


Hi Patty-

I’ve received four Bishop ring commissions. You can find one example
on my website: The Bishop's ring and, if it will
help, I can email you the other designs.

The Bishop ring requires a traditional gem
(Amethyst/Ruby/Emerald,etc.) depending on the religious order
(Catholic, Episcopalian, etc.). You may be able to research (google)
archival literature to find these facts.

Some religious orders have cookie-cutter design formats. Meaning
that they’ve kept the ring’s design within a narrow range of
variation. But usually the recipient of the ordination has the
leeway to express some personal references. For example: symbols
representing their Theological School, a particular saint or

Then too, he/she may want to simply apply a cross onto a ring. But
even then there’s hundreds of variations: Celtic, Coptic, enameling,
different metals, floral, gemstone, etc., etc…

Good luck.
Peace. Kim.

p.s. A good reference book is ‘Signs & Symbols in Christian Art’ by
George Ferguson. :

Bishop ring is ring with amethyst. Aamethyst also called “Bishop

Leonid Surpin