Making balls?

We’ve all made little balls. Who’s got the secret formula to make it super easy to make repeated ball sizes? I’m hoping one of the wise wizards will know a slick formula like:

25mm thick x 5 mm wide cut into Xmm strips = Xmm balls

Or does volume not scale like that? Anyway, I thought someone might have a bench trick to share. Cheers!

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The volume of a sphere is 4.19 x R^3.

The volume of a strip is L x W x D.

That’s all that is required to know.

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When l want uniform repeatable balls l coil wire and cut it into jump rings. Needs a bit of trial and error to get the size l need but it’s nice to have a selection,
Math is not my thing.


Thank you. I have so much to learn

I second Willie. It works well…Rob

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A fun tool to get for making balls/granules is Kent Raible’s Chopper, you feed wire into it and chop various thicknesses of wire to lengths that give you consistent pieces to create your granules. Experiment with the thickness and length for precise desired balls.


I might have to make one of those! Thank you

What does that mean? 4.19 x R^3.? is the carrot thingy mean squared?

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Yes ^ means “to the power of”. So this is 4.19 times r to the power of 3

Here’s a little sheet I made to help myself.


What is R?

Radius, half the diameter.