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Making a seamless titanium cup or dish thingy


This post is dedicated to Teresa Masters, who asked yesterday:

This list is not what it once was, well trained individuals sharing
and helping one another. Are we able to bring it back to that?

So herewith, a technique that your truly was messing around with.

Check out


Please read this along with my earlier post on this item.

Please google for Ted Frater bronzesmith and minter to look at the
titanium bows and dishes i mentioned.



Hi Hans, good to see you having a go just to find out what would
happen to titanium.

10 out of 10 for your work.

thought You ought to know ive forged titanium 1/4in thick by 18in
dia into dishes. Ill post some pics in due course onto the forum.
Frater bronzesmith and minter.

there on the opening page.

How has it been done before? not saying but it can be done agan.

Everyone will have to work it out for themselves if they want to do
it too the same.