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Making a Rotary Burnisher

Here is a tutorial that also has a link for downloading it as a PDF.
It’s my take on rotary burnishing.

Hi Hans,

A suggestion: if you coat the tip of the frasier in ivory bar soap
before you heat it to anneal/harden it, you’ll have much less oxide
to clean up.

It’s not a perfect flux, but it does make a noticeable difference
for cleanup.

What I normally do is get the bar wet, and wash my hands with it.
Then rub the chasing punches that I’m making in the wet soap left on
the bar. That’s about the right consistency. And it gets my hands


Now that’s a great idea! Don’t say the word “ivory” around the Feds,
they’re liable to take your soap away ;~)

Now that's a great idea! Don't say the word "ivory" around the
Feds, they're liable to take your soap away ;~) 

It’s a trick I picked up from a blacksmith friend, years back. Don’t
know where it came from originally. But very handy.



Your willingness to share is admirable.

Thank you.
Bob A. DeMarcki