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Making a rosary

I would like to make a rosary for a niece for her first communion in
the Roman Catholic church. Can anyone tell me what the requirements
are for a rosary?

Thanks so much,

A Catholic Rosary has 53 beads for the “Hail Mary” beads, and 6 “Our
Father” beads which are in between. If you need a pattern, you can
use this one:

if you put your mouse over the top picture, it will highlight the
full rosary and you can see the configuration. If you have any more
questions, please feel free to ask.

Laura SA

Hi Jamie,

Call the closest Roman Catholic Church and ask the priest in charge.
The priest, I think, will provide standards from the canons.

Mary A
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Hi Jamie

It is important to get the number and spacing on a rosary correct.
On Muslim and Buddhist prayer beads there are no spaces except at
the beginning/end, but with the rosary there are spaces all through.


A cross, 1 bead, space, 3 beads, 1 bead…then a triangular piece or
whatever shape will join three pieces together. Once you get past
the triangle there are 10 beads, a space, 1 bead, space, then 10
beads again. This pattern is repeated so that there are 5 decas that
lead back to the start of the triangle.