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Making a bale?

I live in Mexico and jewelry lessons are not available so I am
self-taught. I need to learn to make a bale for a necklace. The
necklace is a dichroic glass penant about 1.5" with two strands of
fresh water pearls. I do not want to just use a wire loop. I would
really appreciate instruction on how to fabricate from 22 or 24G
copper or silver sheet.

Thanks in advance.

Gail Rooney
Jalisco, Mexico


There are many possible designs for a simple bail using wire or
sheet. Since you intend to use sheet, an easy way that I use all the
time when I need a custom made bail is to cut a piece of heavy paper
or card stock in the shape and size needed for the job, then test it
by bending it (without creasing it) into shape to be sure that it
has the opening size you want for the pearl strands (or strand) you
plan to use, while also being tapered small enough to fit through the
hanging eye on the pendant (for a moveable bail). When you decide it
is the correct size use the paper pattern to mark the sheet for
sawing. You also have to decide whether you are going to solder the
bail closed, or use a bypass on the back for taking the pendant off
the necklace strand. That just makes a difference on how you shape
the pattern at the point where the ends join in the back. Using
paper makes trials of various sizes and shapes relatively quick and
easy before committing the design to metal.

If your pendant design calls for a fixed bail, then you have more
flexibility in the shape of the bail, since it will not have to fit
through an eye on the pendant. In this case you will just bring the
ends together at the point where you solder the bail on to the top
of the pendant, and both front and back of the bail will be identical
in shape.

Good Luck!
Dick Davies

Hello Gail! There is a place they give jewelry lessons in
Guadalajara. If you want contact me direct and I will send you their
calendar. If you are willing to travel also San Miguel de Allende
with Billy King is the best option in the world!!! You can write
me at 'cause I check this mail every other week.
Plus I can send you a patter for a bail

Best Regards
Rosy Arrasco