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Makers Mark

Hi folks.

Its about time I started putting some kind of makers mark on my work
and wondered about how and where one might get such a thing made. Im
guessing it would take the form of some kind of hardened steel
punch, probably milled on some kind of super-small-scale mill.

Any info on where would be great, but im also interested in the
process of making a m.m. punch as well.


Sydney, Australia

Two sources that I have used are Micro Stamp, 2770 E. Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91107 800-243-3543 FAX 6267939491 and Sossner Steel
Stamps 180 Judge Lewis Blvd. Elizabethton, TN 37643 800-8289515,
423-5434001 FAX 615-5438546

Hi Ben, Australian Jewellers Supplies will organise one for you to
suit your design and requirements.They are Brisbane based but I
think they have an outlet in Sydney. Christine in Sth Aust.

Hi, Ben most of the jewellery supply place’s in Sydney should be
able to get one made for you.

or you could just go directly to the guy who makes them.

I.T. Hallmarking Pty Ltd, Templestowe VIC 3106 ph: (03) 9846 1635

It will probably cost you about $120AUD for a stamp, depends on what
you want on it He would be able to tell you how they are made. Chris in Melbourne

Ben: There is a company that specializes in making stamps in Long
Island City NY. We use him for our stamps. Most stamps we use are
generic industry standard trademark stamps. So, I am sure he can make
it. If you can draw a design that suits your needs he can make it.
Make sure you tell him what you are using it for and that it should
have a large enough base to hold in your hand. Reason for this
being; many of his stamps are made to fit in power press dies or
other machine tools and are usually to small to handle for hand
applications. Pasted below is the address.

Sparks Steel Stamps,Inc.
37-26 34th St.
Long Island City NY 11101
718-729-7506 phone
718-392-0729 Fax

Another tip if you’re having a stamp made: Be sure they use square
or rectangular stock. It’s much easier to square up/align the mark
that way. Round stock is a pain in the butt! Beth