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Maker's Mark Stamp

Hi there - I need a new maker’s mark stamp. Do you have a company you love for this? I’ve used three in the past, and have had issues with each (I’m not as picky as I seem). Thank you so much!

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I’m happy with mine from Steel Stamps

I’ve had a couple made by Rio. Happy with both. Price was good.


I used steel stamps inc up in Boise for a custom gold fill stamp marking stamp late last year. I could not find a ready made one anywhere. They were great to work with. Previously, i used infinity, and they were good also, but a bit more expensive…

Good luck.


Pop over to Facebook and check our Gene Trujillo in Edgewood, New Mexico. He has made makers mark stamps for many, all have given praise a rave reviews. I’ve not bought a makers mark stamp from him but I’ve bought many many of his “designer” stamps and I can speak from experience that his are by far the most beautiful stamps and designs I’ve seen. And I’ve looked at many different stamp makers stamps. His are works of art themselves. …you shouldn’t be disappointed. Really! :sunglasses::woman_artist:t3::hammer::cactus:


Thank you so much, Bobbi - I really appreciate it!

Over the years I have bought stamps from Gesswein, Swest, Rio, Harper (now Steel Stamps) and most recently Micro-Stamp. They have included stock alpha numeric and custom stamps and, most recently very small, maybe too small, numerics for stamping serial numbers. Nothing has completely met my needs. I stamp my mark, .925, Sterling or 14K, a 5 digit serial number and a size on most of my bracelets and at least my mark and the content on other pieces. The stock 1MM stamps tend to dig in and, if I am not careful, cause a weak spot than can eventually crack. My hope is that the very expensive and very small Micro-Stamps will remedy this problem on my smaller pieces. Time will tell. The whole process of stamping is very painful for my arthritic hands. They will start to cramp and that is the end of the day for me or at least the stamping process. I wish that there was an economical laser process that we could use to mark our work…Rob

@rmeixner, maybe using a device to hold the stamp, such as an arbor press, would help with arthritis.

I may be forced to go that way or a pair of pliers or just not stamping so much. Sometimes it seem that I spend more time stamping, documenting and packaging a piece than I do making it. Thanks…Rob

Buckeye Engraving made me a nice stamp. You can see their work on Instagram:

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I had BE make my inside ring stamp with my logo and they did a good job with it.

Having them a few towns away from me helped as well. :slight_smile: