Maker's Mark Stamp--clarification on trademarked vs. your name

Very helpful… a friend had my first mark made at Alpha Tools some 40 years ago. Excellent, but tiny, and made for marking inside rings. I later got a friend to make me a new one ($40) to include a 3rd initial (after I married and kept both maiden and new name). Lovely, but never as sharp and consistent as the small one with 2 initials. Alpha quoted me $240 about 2 years ago, so I decided not to do it. Now I’m re-thinking that, as these resources seem much more affordable- thanks!

I agree- In the US I never heard that one’s mark needs to be registered… I consider mine to be my ‘signature’, nothing else. I was taught that silver and gold must always be stamped properly re: content regardless of the presence of a maker’s mark- if it is to be sold or ‘valued’.

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