Maker 2005

Hi all,

Now that it’s May, I am looking forward to going to MAKER June
11-15. MAKER is especially fun for me, because I did not have the
opportunity to go to camp when I was a kid. The YMCA camp in Loma
Mar, CA gets taken over by a bunch of jewelers and metalsmiths for 5
days. We eat, talk, and breathe metal, with occasional pauses to eat
in the dining hall, and sleep in the camp bunkhouses (or a nearby
motel, for those who prefer). It is a wonderful mix of people from
all over the country, at all levels of skills, that love metal. The
rec hall, kitchen, porch, and deck become transformed into
metalsmithing studios. Under a shady tree, the blacksmithing studio

2005 presenters include:

Robert Coogan - Copper Weather Vanes
Cynthia Eid - Forming with the Hydraulic Press
McNeill & Markarian - Blacksmithing
Richard Mawdsley - Jewelry Construction with Tubing
Donald Stuart - Wax carving, Model Making, Casting
Linda Threadgill - Etching
Susan Wood - Fiber Techniques for Metal

Symposium June 11 - Open to the general public.
7 Workshops June 12 - 15 - Minimum age 18.

Held at

YMCA Camp Loma Mar,
9900 Pescadero Rd,
Loma Mar, CA

About 35 miles south of San Francisco. In order for the camp to plan
food, cooks, and maintenance, sign-ups are due by May 13.

Presented by Jack da Silvas Metal Design Studio,
Jack Dasilva
POBox 21600, El Sobrante, CA 94820
Tel & Fax: 510-223-1616
jdasilva (at)

It would be fun to meet you there!
Cynthia Eid

Cynthia is right…MAKER is great. I was there last summer and had a
great time. I went with three other students from my university and
we had a blast. We still talk about it a few times a month. The only
drawback was that it was way to hilly for us “flatlanders” from

I met great people and made great artwork. I recommend it to
EVERYONE!!! Beware of Jack’s jokes…they are lethal.