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Make your own threaded posts and backs?

Hello folks! I am a long-time reader here and a first-time poster… I am a goldsmith, designer, gemologist and lapidary in Austin TX.

Have any of you ever fabricated your own threaded posts and backs? I will be placing the post inside a stone (like you would a pearl) and the back also inside a stone…

How do you fabricate these? Or can you fabricate backs to fit a post you already have somehow?

I appreciate your help.

Sarah Laja

Just get a screwplate with its matching set of taps. They are not expensive. They also are not the precision tools that a machinist or engineer needs, but are sufficient for jewelry. Use them with a little oil for lubrication and practice on a few wires and holes to get the hang of it. There are lots of youtube videos that will show you how to use taps and dies. And don’t be cowed, it’s much easier to make screws in silver or gold than in steel.

Thank you so much, Elliot! I really appreciate it.

I have made a lot of earring this way. Since I am also a lapidary, I cut some of my leftovers into two identical shapes then drill a hole into them. Drilling into lapidary material is not easy. You need diamond drills that will drill a hole big enough for the wire that you will be using, but not too much bigger. This all has to be done under water or even better, a stream of water. I then cut the wire, and rough it up by going around it with wire cutters to create little burrs. Add some super glue and insert the wire. If the lapidary material is soft, I will drill a fairly shallow hole big enough to put a piece of maybe 12 -10 gauge wire in and then solder my post material to the piece of larger wire. I also do this for rings if the earring is a drop design. Like Elliot said, buy a set of jewelry taps and dies and learn to cut threads, it’s a lot of fun. I will try to post a picture or two if I can find them…Rob

Pictures of earrings with glued wires.


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Sarah- I hate to be a kill joy here but I do have some advice that you may or may not wish to accept.
Almost no one uses threaded post and nuts any more. Why? Well for several reasons.
A: Threaded posts are painful to put in and take out of piercings. Think running barbed wire through your ear holes. This is the main reason why well made body piercing jewelry almost always has internally threaded connecters. It’s painful enough to run threads through ear holes let alone the tender bits involved with body piercings. Don’t ask me how I know this. Just trust me:-)
B: The threads in the posts collect gunk and encourage the growth of bacteria and just general ear funk. They can start to smell after awhile. Ask any jewelry veteran who has had to clean and steam off a pair of threaded post diamond studs. Eeeew!
C: The threads and nuts strip out and loosen with time and they will fail to be secure.
D: They are not universal. So if you loose a nut from a favorite pair of earrings sometimes it’s impossible to find a replacement that fits.
The preferred super safety earring posts and nuts used by professionals and most design houses and manufacturers are La Pousettes. Also called Protektors. Here’s a quick video showing the difference.
Now…That said I do have to say that learning to make hand threaded wires and little nuts is a very useful skill to have and it can be very satisfying to do. So You should try doing it just for fun and education. You never know when making a cold connection might come in handy.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.


Thank you everyone for answering my questions. I have been using my tap and tie and getting exactly the result I wished for. I appreciate your help.