Make a devesting machine

Hello,i want to clean the trees of investment but i haven’t money to
buy a devesting can i clean the trees?how can i make a
craft machine for devesting?please explain for me all the best
solutions for cleaning the trees of casting.thanks for all,friends.thanks

Hi, You can make a very satifactory devestment cabinet with a
relatively inexpensive pressure wash pump, a large plastic cabinet
and some thick rubber gloves. Cut a large opening in the plastic box
and fit it with a piece of tempered glass (maybe an auto window?)
Drill a hole so the wand of the pressure washer can reach the
interior of the box. A steel “L” bracket can be bolted to the cabinet
and then clamped to the wand so it stays in place. A cable attached
the the trigger and a foot pedal will allow you to activate it
without the use of your hands so you can hold the piece you are
blasting with water. Get some 4’’ plasic drain couplings, attach the
to coresponding holes cut into the box and attach the glove on the
inside with some large stainless steel hose clamps. What you’ll have
is something that should look like a baby incubator and about the
same size. Drain the water into a large open topped barrel and drain
from that barrel into a second barrel. This will allow the investment
to settle and not go down the sewer or septic tank. John, J.A.Henkel
Co., Inc., Moldmaking Casting Finishing, Producing Solutions For Jewelry Artists