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Today I started getting emails for each post in addition to the daily digest. At the bottom it says “You are receiving this because you enabled mailing list mode.”

What is Mailing List Mode, and why did I suddenly start getting email notification of individual posts? Do you need to be in Mailing list mode to receive the Daily digest?

Janet in Jerusalem

Hi @janetb - mailing list mode is a check box in your settings. It makes the forum function as close to like an old style mailing list as possible. Did you enable that setting perhaps? If so, uncheck that box. If not, there may be an issue that @leah-ganoksin-admin needs to look at as it may impact others and you.

Mailing List Mode and Daily Digest are two completely different things.

I guess I didn’t make myself clear. The “old style mailing list” had an option regarding how often we want to receive notification of posts (singly, daily, weekly, etc). That’s why the settings are confusing. The confusion is when many Orchidians, like myself, want daily notification like we had on the old mailing list.

Do I understand correctly that now “Mailing List Mode” is ONLY for those who want instant, separate notification of every post? If so, how does that differ from “Activity Summary” checked for “hourly”? There seems to be an overlap between the “Activity Summary” setting and the “Mailing list mode” setting…

Janet in Jerusalem

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Hi @janetb - @leah-ganoksin-admin should weigh in on this shortly…

Hi @janetb. Your email frequency shouldn’t have changed. That’s odd. When I look at your Preferences, it looks to me like you are still set to receive emails just daily and not for every post. Do you think maybe you got just a few individual emails because someone was replying directly to you or mentioning you directly by username in a post? The software is set to do that by default. I think you can turn that feature off in your Preferences.

I think also, some semantics were getting confused above.

This forum software we use (Discourse) has a setting they call Mailing list mode which allows you to get an email for every post or just a daily summary.

(@seth-ganoksin-admin, you may be thinking that Mailing list mode is the “reply by email” feature? That’s a separate setting which is not called Mailing list mode.)

If you don’t have Mailing list mode on, then you can choose to get an Activity Summary email every once in a while (you pick the frequency) when you haven’t visited the site in a while.

Hope this helps! So many settings … it gets confusing! And hopefully I didn’t misspeak above! :smiley:

And THAT is why I should wait patiently for @leah-ganoksin-admin to answer :slight_smile: She is amazing.

That clears it all up…I think…:-)… The bottom line is that these two options should really be renamed/reformulated given that both settings allow for daily options. Someone who wants a daily report doesn’t know which one to check. Actually, it should instead say what you wrote in red, which is very clear…:-)…

Janet in Jerusalem

PS I just looked at my settings page again. Nowhere does it say anything about what “Mailing list mode” is! Or am I missing it…?

Hi! It should be about half way down the page on this page:

That’s a good point that those two options are confusing. I’m going to see if I can change the wording.

I knew where the two settings were before my first post—that is what I was writing about (in other threads as well…:-)… As I have said in the past, these two settings should be reformulated/renamed, and it should tell us what “mailing mode” is, should you decide to continue use of that term (not recommended).

Thanks for your help!
Janet in Jerusalem

Oh! I misread your last email. I thought you were saying you were having trouble finding the location of settings again. Gotcha now. Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile:

Ok, so I followed this discussion and it is almost what my desires are. I would like 1 email a day of all the emails everyone sends in that day…like the original orchid digest. Then one summarizing the topics is good too.

I am still getting an email for every post in addition to the Daily Summary. How can I stop getting the emails for every post? I hereby authorize you to set my settings for the desired results.

Janet in Jerusalem

Hi @shiftingmetal. So when I look at your settings and at our email logs, it looks like you are getting the daily email. Every day at around 2pm EST (for me anyway) I get this email as well. The subject of the email looks like [Ganoksin Orchid] Summary for January 19 and it contains every email posted on the forum for that each day. Do you see those emails, @shiftingmetal?

Hi @janetb, Thanks for being so patient as we sort this all out. I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

When I look at our email logs and at your settings, I see that you are getting the daily emails. I first want to check – are those coming through ok these days?

And when you say “How can I stop getting the emails for every post?” do you mean you are currently getting an email for every single post on the forum? Or are you talking about you’re getting emails every time someone replies to you or mentions you?

(I ask because it doesn’t look like you’re getting an email for every single post on the forum. But perhaps something wacky is going on that I need to look into.)

The answers to those questions above will be helpful. Thanks!

Yes, but there have been so few posts I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted. Thanks for the clarity. Also, you wrote @shiftingmetal. (Oh, goodness, I am showing my age!) Is that a tweet?

:slight_smile: In this software (and lots of others like Facebook and Twitter) you can put an “@” before someone’s username and they’ll get a notification that you “mentioned” them. It’s a handy way to make sure a particular person sees your comment.

doesn’t an @ before the name mean a twitter contact? Doesn’t help us that don’t use twitter.

Nope, it’s not just twitter. In this forum if someone is posting something and they type @shiftingmetal in their post, you get a little notification from this forum that someone mentioned you. Totally unrelated to twitter in this situation.

I’ll be. Used to be a computer professional until 13 years ago and can’t figure out all this new stuff. Thanks for the explanation.


In most sites, “@xxxxxx” means that the post is a reply to xxxxxx. It usually comes up automatically when the Reply button is hit.