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Mailing Jewelry Safely


Hi All: I know there have been several threads on the best way to
mail expensive jewelry, but I’m still not clear as to whether there
is a consensus about which way is safest: US Post, FedEx or UPS. I
would really appreciate some help with this. If it is sent via the
USA Post Office it a good idea to insure the package? To send it
Return Receipt or Priority Mail? or is there anything I’m missing.
Thanks for your help!!! Sandra/ ElegantBee


Sandra, Don’t know if this works everywhere, but in North Carolina we
have had good luck sending jewelry Certified-through the USPS -not
insured, but accounted for, and depends on parties involved, whether
you need return receipts. Sue


Anything that has a value of about $300 or more I ship by registered
mail with insurance for its replacement value. I have yet to lose a
package sent by the post office, UPS did lose one, however.
Occasionally I use FedEx, if I really need to get the piece to a
client fast, but I usually end up calling to track the item.


US Post mail “registered and insured” and it will go under lock and
key all the way to recipient. UPS will also insure jewelry for the $
amount you purchase. check their total package dollar amount limit -
i believe it’s $25,000. - perhaps it’s higher now- and if you have
more than that - make 2 boxes. fedex will not insure jewelry or
gemstones -

address package using abbreviations or person’s name - not “jewelry
store” name so it doesn’t scream ““steal me!””


Dear Sandy : I pass this on from the last postings about this

1, use old looking materials to wrap it in

2, make the package bigger then it needs to be to prevent casual
thievery IE the pick it up and slip in your pocket type opportunity
theft ( you can also make it heavier then necessary for the same
reasons but then the cost goes up as well )

3, never list contents as jewelry use something mundane, glassware
ect …hope that helps Ron


I think that whatever service you decide to use, the most important
thing is to inform yourself about the insurance that each service
offers and what limitations there might be. Make sure that they insure
jewelry and ask if there are any limitations or exclusons. I think
that the USPS limits insurance on regular mail to $5000 and on
registered mail up to $25,000. Definitely pay for insurance. Without
it you have no protection against a loss.


    If it is sent via the USA Post Office it a good idea to insure
the package?  To send it Return Receipt or Priority Mail? 

Send it Priority Mail, and insure it fully. For an extra 35 cents,
you can get received tracking…a flourescent green tag… That is,
you can call and track the package with the tracking #. Express Mail
is overnight, and automatically insured for up to $500. If you use
this method, you can obtain additional insurance for a reasonable sum.
Best of luck. Lisa,(Still roasting hot in these parst), Topanga, CA USA


Sandra, I’ve always had great success with USPS. The value of what
you ship has a lot to say about how to ship it. For less expensive
items, Express Mail is automatically insured for up to $500.00 and it
is guaranteed delivery, by a certain time, or you are refunded the
cost of shipping. Additional insurance is also available. For
expensive items, I’ve always used Registered Mail, as it is very
accountable, and handled very securely. A return receipt is used for
verification of delivery, and is expensive, imho. An alternative, is
to enclose a postcard (purchased stamped for about the cost of the
stamp) addressed so the recipient only has to mail it back to you.
Hope this helps, Curtis


We have been mailing jewelry out for eleven years. Only three times
that I can remember did we have to file a claim with the post office.
Of course, most of ours is sterling. But if it is over about $350
value, I register it. It is hand carried in a pouch that way. I also
tell my customers to mail anything to me by insured mail.
Unfortunately, some one at the po knows we are jewelry and I have
receved opened packages - fortunately they were broken jewelry (was
not insured by customer), so we did get them. But nothing goes out of
here without being insured. Even if it happens to be a 39dollar ring,
I insure it for at least $51. Anything at 51 or above has to be
signed for upon receipt. I also tape the mailing tape over the
insured label (the part that stays on the package). that way it does
not come off. If I mail gold items, they usually are registered which
means you have to use the brown paper tape. I use the clear
underneath, then the brown tape, because I cannot find a brown paper
tape that stays stuck down well. Michele Cooling


Hi Sandra, I’ve got a budding bead and jewelry business, in addition
to a million dollar plus per year ad specialty business. I ship the
more inexpensive beads through the US Post, but only if it’s something
I can easily replace. For everything else, we use UPS almost
exclusively. In fact, we’ve got a UPS Online system set up in our
warehouse. In the past 3 years we’ve shipped over $6 million worth
of merchandise and never had a lost package. With shipping via UPS
the package is automatically insured for up to $100 and it’s given a
tracking number. In addition, UPS has an excellent track record for
delivering on time. We trust them absolutely with our most valued

If I’m shipping something valuable or that has to be there on a
certain date, I DO NOT use the US Post Office!

If I’m shipping internationally, I usually use FedEx as their rates
tend to be lower than UPS. We’ve had very good experience with FedEx

We do not use Airborne Express anymore, as we’ve experienced regular
screw-ups with deliveries.

Okay, that’s my 2 cents worth. Hope this helps!

Lindsey Hawkins