Mailing documents Was Re: Need Patent Info

Just wanted everyone to know how I expand on this. I send out three copies.
Create a document number and type it somewhere on the back of the envelopes
and include it in the letter. I send them all return receipt requested. I
then open one letter for my files and attach one of the unopened letters to
it. Put the other one in a safe or your bank.

Jeffrey Hayward

At 12:44 AM 10/27/96 -0400, you wrote:

I know about 60 words… Put your document, drawing, model, patterns, in a
certified package, letter, and mail it to your self(saving an exact copy at
home/work)… don’t open it, on arrival!!!.. you should remember what’s
in it!!!.. Then, depending on your wallet size… contact a patent attorney,
or obtain a ‘do it yourself kit’ from the Gov. and or local document shop.

‘60 word Jim’

Jeffrey Hayward