My very first question to Orchid was in reference to good
magnification. After many kind replies and diligent research (
not to mention lots of money) I ended up going with Skip’s wisdom
and just wanted to share with all of you what I consider to be
one of the best investments, I’ve made so far, in my studio.
After comparing Loupes, Bausch and Lomb Stereo microscopes,
magnivisor( the weakest in my humble opinion) and then the real
goods- Stereo loupes made by Zeiss and Keeler Optics in many
ranges from 2x-5.5x- I finally landed on the Zeiss 4X. I have
20/20 vision and using these magnifiers for stone setting or
detailing of wax models and the real bonus, engraving- Wow, It’s
like I was blind before having these. I couldn’t imagine working
without them now. Thankyou Skip for a great tip. I bought a
pair of “used” ( new looking to me) and saved a 1/3 in case you
are looking to save $.

FYI , Peter Slone

Dear Peter, Where would one find “Used Optical Magnifiers” in
the first place? Sounds like an excellent idea, if one had a
source. TIA, Eben