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Magnetic you recommend them?

Thanks, Daniel Grandi, for all your helpful input on magnetic
finishing. My magnetic finisher has saved me many hours. When
detailing a master model , I take off the sprues, parting lines and
give it a once over with escapemen t files, Scotch Stones etc. Then I
put it in the magnetic tumbler. The pins get into all the little
nooks and crannies and give the casting an overall frosted finish.
Now I go over the casting and refine it some more. I finish up with
the magnetic tumbler. My buddy, the very talented Jayne Redman,
propped a delrin rod in the middl e of her bowl (long enough so when
the lid is put on the bowl the rod is hel d in place). Now the pins
and pieces donB9t get all bunched up in the middle. Using her idea, I
plan on taking a 1/2 inch diameter by 1 inch long piece o f plexi (or
some scrap plastic from my vast supply of salvaged parts) and epoxy
it into the center of the bowl. It seems to make the magnetic
finishing much more efficient. Have a great day, all! Kate Wolf in
Portland, Maine check out our Fall Workshops!