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Magnetic Hematite

Hi, All Orchidians

Hematite is IRON ORE…

IRON is magnetic…

It is called hema-tite (hema-globin) Greek for red.

HemaTINE is the ground up and processed and pressure molded form of
hematite… it is not natural but still nice… this is how most
beads are made so uniformly precise in hematite they are. Dealers
should differentiate between the 2 but … well SOME do…

When it oxidizes (rusts) it has the usual rust color…

It is a most excellent grounding stone… polished hematite is
fantastic to rub ones tired foot soles over… Holding it will also
drain stressful energy from one thru the hands…

I sell lots of hematite and many other tumble polished stones… :>)

Enjoy everything,

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