Magnetic finishing media

Hello Everyone, All you jewelers out there, just hang in there, this
is a crazy time of year for all of us. I wish customers wouldn’t wait
till the last minute. Not complaining, business is good. Just could
use a little sleep, thats all.

I’ve had a magnetic finisher for over five years(one of the first, a
Yasui) and paid almost $5000.00 for it. Same ones now are under
$1000.00. Use it every day and love it.

My question is, I just haven’t had time to experiment. Has anyone
tried other media besides the standard pins? You would think with the
aggressive action, that someone would come up with a combination of
pins or balls with possibly ceramic or other media to get an abrasive
action and also you would think walnut shells or something to get a
mirror finish. I would really appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks in advance,
Richard Olson