Magnetic finishers: AFTER?

I often use the centrifugal magnetic finisher to finish up my pieces
of jewellery, using the steel shot 5mm pins. I am quite satisfied
with the finish product but, …but… the frosty look on flat
surfaces is rather annoying. OK, with a rouge or tripoli wheel on a
motor will remove the matt surface but I wish I could use a media in a
vibratory tumbler - which I possess also - which can ease my work and
not spending time on a motor buffing. It is suggested to turn the
pieces after the magnetic finisher process in a Dri-Polisher, but it
takes ages to finish up the work. What about the microbrite balls, the
1mm/2mm ones? Does any one have tried them in a Vibratory tumbler? I
wish that someone could lend a hand on this subject.

Thanks Jostanti.