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Magnetic Clasps and Pacemakers

        "Magnetic Clasps should not be used around Pacemakers." I
wonder just how strong the magnetic field need be to interfere. My
dad wore a pacemaker and the primary warning was for microwaves. 

My mother has a pacemaker. It has a magnetic switch. A magnet is
placed over the pacemaker to switch it into a different modes of
operation. The magnet is nothing special. I would not be surprised if
one of a magnetic clasp would trigger the switch.


Dear Tim, The magnets for checking pacemakers are usually a couple
of inches long or in diameter. They are rather strong, and though I
doubt a small magnet would have an effect on a pacemaker, I would
rather err in the extreme side of caution, since a pacemaker is a
life saving device rather than risk any interference the pacer’s
function. I would avoid magnets on one’s person without clearance
from their cardiologist. It is a 2 handed job to get a pacer magnet
off a refrigerator…


dear tim there are many different types of pacemakers and certainly
the more modern ones don`t even respond to magnets any longer. it
may be worth checking the type with the cardiologist/pacemaker
technitian involved. but in general: best to err on the side of
caution! katja