Magnetic clasp

I have people of a certain age asking if I can convert a spring clasp to a magnetic clasp. I know that I can buy them, but I would rather make them with the exception of the magnet. The magnet is my problem. They probably shouldn’t be powerful earth magnets. Can anyone recommend a size and source. I would probably make a set of simple bezels with a jump ring soldered to the back. We did have a discussion recently about what glue to use to hold a magnet. I don’t recall discussing the magnets themselves. Thanks…Rob

Hi, Rob - I’ve found the place for magnets is American Science and Surplus - and these might be just what you’re looking for:
[25 Piece 6mm X 3mm Rare Earth Magnets In A Box (]
25 Piece 6mm X 3mm Rare Earth Magnets In A Box They send a monthly catalog full of interesting and sometimes useful stuff - like lab quality glassware- in a punny and humorous presentation. Look them up.


Mike…Thanks, I just ordered 25 6X3 magnets. My plan is to tube set them just like I would a 6mm stone. I will report progress…Rob

Try these guys for magnets:
K&J Magnetics
– alonzo

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Alonzo…Thanks! They appear to have some magnets…Rob

Hi… I am also interested in this. What glue were you guys discussing to hold the magnets? I cannot seem to find that thread. Thanks

Alonzo directed me to K&J Magnetics. They have a FAQ page with a lot of information including what glues to use…Rob

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Be VERY careful soldering anything around the magnets, though (jump rings, et al). Even a slight heat can make it lose its magnetism.

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I bought some 6 mm magnets and found that I can tube set them. Should be fairly easy to make a magnetic clasp pair. Probably even easier to just buy the whole thing…Rob

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Well, it isn’t so easy. It took a long time to make, some of which was spent unglueing my fingers. The final product looks a lot like those that can be bought for less than $2 other than that I made it out of sterling silver. In the future they will be purchased. This was one of those things that I had to do…Rob

Click on the following link to see the finished clasp…Rob

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I used

Ashli helped me out. Strong magnets for the sizes. They work great. Diff. shapes and sizes of course.

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