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Magnetic clasp

Recently I saw an article in Button & Bead Magazine that had someone
using a magnetic clasp for a bracelet to keep it closed, does anyone
know where to find them? I have never seen them in any of the
catalogs that I get. This would solve my problem of trying to get the
bracelet closed without the help of another person. Thanks to you
great folks on Orchid.

Roxan O.

Hi all, I need to find a magnetic clasp in Sterling Silver for a
client with disabilities. I know I have seen them somewhere but
can’t find it in my catalogs. Can anyone help me?

Deb Karash

Rio Grande has a line of Magnetic clasps that are available. Both in
base metal and sterling. 1-800-545-6566.

Phillip Scott GG

Deb- Rio Grande has the magnetic clasps - new item! also in GF and

If anyone knows where to purchase jst themagnets, could you please
give the vendor?

thanks -

Hello, Deb: On Ebay under Jewelry - Supplies, someone regularly lists
sets of magnetic clasps. I got some and plan to set them into a
silver mount. They also sell them mounted, but I think in base metal.
Check them out. --Sherry Terao, Silver Spring, MD

Rio Grande carries magnetic catches, or you could make one yourself.
The rare earth magnets you will need are available from

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

Hello Deb, I just got a flyer from Rio Grande. It contained magnetic
clasps in sterling & gold. Rio’s website is Hope this helps, Judy in Kansas - where my
hubby competed in a walleye fishing tourny over the weekend; caught fish,
but didn’t place.

    Hi all, I need to find a magnetic clasp in Sterling Silver for 
a client with disabilities.  I know I have seen them somewhere but
can't find it in my catalogs.  Can anyone help me? ...  Deb Karash 

Hi Deb … Try Ingrid at She has

6 mm clasps, silver and goldplated .. by the dozen. 
6 mm goldfilled  .. by the dozen
6 mm sterling .. by the dozen 
8 mm silverplated .. by the dozen.

Rio Grande also has two varieties, in base metal.

{I’m not associated with either of these entities.}


Hi Deb, I would suggest making your own. I made a bracelet for my
grandmother who has arthritis in her hands and I needed something she
could get on and off easily. What I did was bezel set a 1/4" rare
earth magnet on one end and a 1/4" steel “button” on the other.
Originally I had set a magnet in each end but that worked a little to
well…I was difficult for her to get off with one hand. The “button"
was made by taking a 1/4” steel rod and cutting about a 3mm disk from
the end. This left me room to grind and polish it down to its final
thickness of about 2mm .

Good luck!
Shane Morris

Deb, My Rio catalog shows only base metal clasps (p.10).

Rings & Things has sterling silver magnetic clasps:

Sterling and GF Magnetic Clasps 4.5mm diameter magnet; 6mm outer
diameter of clasp #39-536 Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp 6.00/ea
36.00/doz 360.00/GR

#39-636 Gold Fill Magnetic Clasp 7.00/ea 42.60/doz 420.00/GR

Just search for “magnetic” at their website: Their toll-free order number in the US and
Canada: 1 (800) 366-2156

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts, USA, where the morning is
fresh and cool after a terrific rain.

Deb, Rio has just sent me a flyer advertising several new styles of
sterling and 14k magnetic clasps. I think that they are too new to be
in the 2001 catalogue. You could probable call, or go to their online catalogue.

Deb, here are a couple of sources that I saved from this list a while

New York Findings 1-888-925-5745

Touch Adjust Clip, Bohemia, New York. Phone 516-589-3077 FAX

I haven’t used them myself, but glad I can be of help with my source


Bally Beads at also has the magnetic clasp. And they
are a great place to work with. I have no affiliation with them, just
a very satisfied customer.

Lee Valley, a woodworkers catalog, has the magnets. They have sizes
from .025" to 1.0". You can buy them online too @:

Dean D Amick
Hamilton Jewelers

hi there, I get magnets at a building/craft/tool supply store in
Halifax, Nova Scotia called Lee Valley Tools. I don’t know if it
exists across North America but the magnets are called rare earth
magnets and they are extremely stong and quite inexpensive. They
also come in a variety of sizes – the smallest ones are perfect for
clasps. If Lee Valley doesn’t exist where you are they likely have a
web site and most of their sales are via catalogue. Best of luck.

Sarah in Canada