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Magnet Wire


For color and fexibilty, use magnet wire, also known as colored
copper wire. All the advantages of copper, but coated so the wearer
won’t react.

Ieve, where do you get magnet wire. I’ve heard Arlene Fisch
mention it before, but she didn’t offer any suggestions of where
to get it. Hardware store? Mail order?

Thanks - Sharon Chandler


If it is the same wire used to make the windings for
electro-magnets and coils. It will be a copper wire coated with a
thin layer of varnish and can be found in many different guages.
Try an electronics store such as Radio Shack or an electronics
store for hobbiests.

Joe B.


Sharon -

Magnet wire can be ordered from one of the manufacturers:
MWS Wire Industries
31200 Cedar Valley
Westlake Village, CA 91362

It comes in a wide number of gauges, and colors of the lacquer
coating - from colors they call natural(copper, golds, maroons),
to reds, greens, blues, purple, black.

One can often find partial spools in electronic surplus places,
or smaller spools at retail radio or hobby shops. It is called
magnet wire because they use it to wind the electro magnets in
motors. The lacquer coating acts as insulation and has been
formulated to be able to bend without breaking. One cannot
anneal or silver solder it however.

Mary Hu


I get mine from old electric motors, but I work at a place where
that is readily available, you can get it at radio Shack or a
science and surplus store.


Buy mine at the local Metal Salvage co… $2 a lb… We have two
in Phoenix… Also MWS in California, but they have a $200 minimum
and often times they don’e have the colors you want, but when
they do - Theyare fabulous. Also, The Beadery in Rhode Island is
a wholesale wire maker and you can call them to get your local
distributor. I have a local supplier of wire that has different
colors, but I haven’t figured out where they get theirs.

Also, fine silver 28 and 30 from Hauser and Miller.

Good luck