Magicians at Orchid

Have you all been getting your daily dose of Orchid this last week?
Every day, like clockwork, the email arrives in my box.

These magicians - Hanuman and Ton manage to do the nearly impossible
when traveling many thousands of miles from Bangkok to Tucson and
return. They have devised a seamless process for accumulating,
editing, reformatting, and sending, hundreds of emails daily. We
don’t even see their change in time zones. It is magic to me.

Thanks, many thanks, to you two.

Judy Hoch

Magicians in deed.

I also wonder how they manage to edit so many messages per
day…software? If it is software they make it look rather

The jewelry making community is deeply indebted to these dedicated

I also wonder how they manage to edit so many messages per If it is software they make it look rather

No Magic just hard work and dedication… It is now 4 am and I am
in front of the laptop doing Orchid just before another exciting day
at our the Orchid booth at Rio’s Catalogue in motion.

I am pleased to say that the Orchid suscribers list now contains
more than 6,500 members!! wow!

Our biggest issue with getting your postings out to the list members
is the fact that I MUST read everything that comes in before it gets
sent back out to the list. Now, the reason I go through all this is
to spare you all from having to suffer noise, junk mail, spams,
repeated signature files, ect… I filter the would be spaming,
manually format each of the postings, and generally do what I can to
make the list content as clean and readable as possible.

I also try to make sure that the subject line reflects the message
content…and I do it manually…

I hope that our effort shows


No Magic just hard work and dedication..... 

Hard work, of course. But you are just a little bit of a magician to
be able to do it all!

I hope that our effort shows 

It does! The trouble is, my expectations for other lists are too high
and I am continually disappointed.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

Just reviewing Hanumans’ Feb.6th statement, that 'He and Ton" go
through all of our writings and he then ‘sends’ it out to 6,500
interesting folks, worldwide. What an undertaking! So every word we
are writing, is read by those 6,500. We also have an important job at
hand, and that is to teach all of them, how to make something of
value.ouch! Gerry Lewy!