Magical moments in metalsmithing

    Also, it seems to me that there is little that we do that
seems more magical than casting. at least from a beginner's
point of  view.  MP      
     Maybe. But my most magical moment was watching Cindy Eid
make a spiral with a folded length of copper. It knocked my
socks off!  

Hey Kathi Parker and everyone,

Maybe we could use a thread on MAGICAL MOMENTS IN METALSMITHING
for a few days. Cheers, MP

I would like to hear a description of the copper folded spiral,
this sounds interesting.

I am very excited now about fiber techniques in wire. I just
took a class this weekend making Bobbin Lace with copper wire.
(I am also a lacemaker and have known that it was done in the
past). Also I recently saw some sculptures using weaving
techniques in a gallery in New Westminster, BC. Very inspiring.