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Magazines for new metalsmiths

Hi there, I have been working with Metals, mostly copper and brass
and a small amount of silver, for the past year. I am wondering if
some one could recommend a monthly magazine for metwork on my level.
My level being beginner but doing well. lol

Best regards,

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist is a good magazine for all levels.
10 issues per year.


HI I recomend “Art Jewelry” Its marvelous and inspiring

Both Art Jewelry and Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist might be of
interest. You can usually find them at well-stocked bookstores.


Gail, go to Barnes & Noble and/or a large public library and see
Art Jewelry magazine, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine,
and Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine. Belle Armoire Jewelry
often has interesting ideas, too. See which one(s) of these fits your

All the best,
Judy Bjorkman

The two magazines that come to mind are, Lapidary Journal Jewelry
Artist, and Art Jewelry. Available at your local bookstore, or you
can do a web search for them. I enjoy both, and look forward to
getting them (I subscribe to both).

Happy Smithing,
Vicki K, SoCal

…and Ornament…


4 sale-I have a large number of back issues of Lap Journal/Jewelry
Arts, Ornament (I agree-gorgeous magazine!), American Craft and
Crafts Report onmy website. Please check it out or contact me
directly. Any of the links below will get you to me or my website.

elegantinsect AT