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June 19, 2014

New York–Four trade associations and the Richline Group sent a
request to the Federal Trade Commission asking the body to allow
jewelry made of metals recycled in this country to be labeled as
"Made in America."

Currently, the FTC’s standard to advertise a product as “Made in
the USA” is that “all or virtually all” of the product must be
made in the United States, meaning that all significant parts and
processing that make the product must be of American origin.

Marketers using the “Made in USA” claim on advertising also must
be able to substantiate that claim.

According to the trade associations, this can be difficult for
products made of metal for a number of reasons, the first being
that much of the metal used in jewelry manufacturing originally
was mined in a foreign country.

Additionally, it is almost impossible to determine the origin of
a metal once it has been refined or smelted.

The four trade associations–the Jewelers Vigilance Committee,
MJSA, Jewelers of America and the American Gem Trade Association,
along with Richline–are asking the FTC to allow products made
from metal that has been recycled in America to be advertised
using the “Made in America” vocabulary.

The groups said in a joint statement that the request for
guidance was based on the idea that significant time and
resources go into collecting recyclable materials, delivering it
to refineries across the country, and then processing them to a
purity level of nearly 100 percent.

They are emphasizing that the metal begins a new life cycle upon
recycling as well as a new country of origin, regardless of where
it previously came from and, for this reason, they argue that
these metal products should be labeled as “Made in America.”

If the FTC grants this request, sellers could then make the
claim as long as the can substantiate that the metal has been
recycled at a domestic refinery.

As long as not only is the metal re-refined in America, but that the
item made from it is manufactured in America (USA). Knowing the
extract you sent, of a third party article, may be incomplete, as it
stands it sounds as if the metal could be re-refined here, and then
shipped “off shore” to be manufactured, and then bear the “Made in
America” label.

No accusations are being made. Just an observation. ;-}>

Interesting concept, but I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea.
Does thatalso mean any US Mint coin can also be declared the same?
In order for themint to make US Eagles, the source for the metals
must be in the USofA. Where would this stop? I am proud to say my
jewelry is Made in the USA, actually made in California. I have been
mining gold for the last 30 years and use my raw California gold to
produce my jewelry. My customers get 99.999% virgin gold in what
they get from me. Not 100% because of the unknown about where my
solder came from. Recycled is recycled and not new or virgin. I
believe Made in The USA shouldmean that all metals used should be
mined in the US!

Steve Wandt

Seems to be some confusion between “made in USA” and “sourced from