Macro pictures

I recently attended a digital camera forum in which a number of
different cameras were demonstrated and discussed. One was the Nikon
4500 for Macro pictures. Two pictures were taken, a postage stamp
and a piece of jewelry. A lightweight MACRO COOL-LIGHT SL-1 was
attached to the camera, no special “set up” was done. The results
were awesome. Has anyone used this camera with this attachment ?

Shirl Carter

I LOVE MACRO!!! I use another camera made by Sony that has the same
ability and it really makes the differents. You cane see deep into
the gems and it really helps bring them to life. William

W and K Gems

Would those who use macro please post suggestions? I have tried,
and am obviously doing something wrong, as it is not working the way
it sounds like it should :frowning: Also note that my Nikon, at least, has
two sorts of macro - real and digital. For enlargement or slide
purposes you only want the REAL macro - digital loses data!

Thanks in advance.
Beth in SC who went sledding this morning!

Hi Beth On my Nikon 995, the instructions state that if you are using
the “HI” setting for image quality, the best for jewellery photos,
you cannot use the digital macro anyway. I am still experimenting as
I am not totally familiar with photography anyway. One nice thing
about digital is that you can see what happened with every adjustment
right away and even delete ones that are obviously too dark or light.

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady)
K.I.S. Creations
May your gems always sparkle.

If shooting in Macro mode, you shouldn’t try and use the digital
zoom any way it seriously degrades the image quality, also I have
some places that convert Digital images to slides fairly reasonable
if any one needs this done for slides for juried shows, email me off
forum and I’ll send you the links

Kenneth Ferrell