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Machine created jewelry

Hello All,

Though I can’t yet quit my day job (as they say), I am recently
(finally) trying to actually sell my first jewelry creations. I just
got in my first store (yeah!) and am now attempting to come out as
an artist. Yikes! Though my work and skill sets are pretty different
from what most of you all do, there is no doubt much to be gained by
plugging into Orchid and learning a bit about what I’m getting
myself into. As such, I’d much appreciate anyone with interest to
have a look at my website (boy is it nice to have a sister who makes
them for a living) and give me some feedback. This is a pretty scary
thing for me to ask (especially from this crowd who I so respect),
but if I am to be successful, I will definitely need to handle
criticism (bad or good).

And… I would also love to find people that are doing or are
interested in doing machine created jewelry. I’ve got plenty of ideas
not yet made, but also have a pretty cool CNC mill (4-axis Haas
Officemill) that is underutilized.

Jeff McWhinney

Hello Jeff,

Your sis does a great web page! Kudos there. YOU make some awesome
rings. So far as your customer base, do remember those with arthritic
fingers! Can you can manufacture your designs to allow incorporation
of someone’s beloved wedding set, which can no longer fit over
enlarged knuckles?

Just a thought. At any rate, I like what you are doing and congrats
on being in a brick and mortor outlet.

Judy in Kansas, where we are in mourning over the loss of #1 BCS
ranking after a devestating loss to Baylor, who played exceedingly