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[MA] [Workshop] Deep drawing on the hydraulic press

Tuesday mornings at
Metalwerx with Cynthia Eid

I’m looking forward to the start of a new Tuesday mornings class at
Metalwerx next week: Deep Drawing on the Hydraulic Press. There’s
still bench space, if this sounds like fun to you.

Here’s what it’s about: Deep draw tools are used with a hydraulic
press to transform a 3-inch diameter metal disc into a
three-dimensional form - perfect for making small vessels such as
pendants, vases, boxes, seamless rings or oil lamps. A cylinder form
can be re-drawn, to make it tall and slender. Whether short or tall,
the cylinder is a starting point for a unique piece of jewelry or
hollowware. A deep drawn cylinder can be sliced, to create seamless
rings, which can be formed and added on to.

Deep drawing combines with other processes in fascinating ways. For
instance, before the metal is deep drawn, it can be: embossed,
microfolded, woven, or pierced. After deep drawing, the form can be
altered, making it bulge or taper. The possibilities are endless!

Class demonstrations will include both hydraulic press processes and
traditional silversmithing techniques for working with deep drawn
metal. There is some flexibility built-in to cater to students’
interests and needs. This class is appropriate for students with
basic metalsmithing skills as well as professionals.

Here’s a link for more info:

Cynthia Eid